Tax Updates
I pre-ordered the California/Federal Tax Update. How do I get the course materials?
You don’t have to do a thing! Course materials will be loaded to your Western CPE Dashboard when they become available. If you would like a hard copy ...
What is the difference between a seminar and a conference? Why is the price so different?
Seminars are two days, whereas a conference is between 1-5 days depending on how many you'd like to attend. Conference days allot 6 earned credit hour...
Who will receive credit from the two day Tax Updates?
CPAs, CFAs, CFPs, CTECs, EAs, and Tax Professionals. *EAs will not be receiving credit for the purely California portion of the seminar.
Is the California Federal Tax Update Manual separated into multiple books or is it included in the same book?
All of the information for California and Federal is included in the same book. Be sure to select the correct manual if you are enrolling in the Fed...
Will manuals be available for the individual and business update at the location?
We no longer offer hard copy manuals at our live locations.